Helping the sunrise for everyone

in Tingley, Ardsley & Thorpe

Our Story

WF3 Kindness was set up amidst the coronavirus outbreak across Europe.

A Facebook  group (Tingley, Ardsley & Thorpe Viral Kindness) was set up to bring together relatives, friends and neighbours from the area and to offer support to each other with tasks such as shopping, help at home and providing advice and support. The Facebook group became a go-to place for people who were isolating, ill or looking for help with a family member or friend.

The response to the Facebook group was phenomenal, and requests for help and support were coming in at a fast pace,

WF3 Kindness was then born! We now have a network of volunteers who are helping to make sure that people in the area are supported as best as possible.

In April 2020, WF3 Kindness became a project of Morley & District Lions Club (CIO) which provided us with immediate charity status.

Since becoming a working name of Morley & District Lions Club (CIO), WF3 Kindness have been able to grow and reach further meaning we can help more people across Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe and surrounding areas.