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Food Hampers


We are proud to be partnered with two local food banks, covering our entire area, Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe.

If you are in need of food, please see our Food Bank page, Once you have called the team, they will liaise with you directly to arrange safe delivery of some groceries. Should you be in urgent need or in the event of an emergency, we can help with an Essentials Food Box.

What is an Essentials Food Box

A Food Box from WF3 Kindness contains a mixture of essential items to help see you over a couple of days until we can identify more long-term support.

Who can have one

Anyone living in Tingley, Ardsley or Thorpe that has found themselves in an emergency situation can have an Essentials Food Box. We also welcome requests from frontline professional agencies such as schools, social workers, family support workers and other charities.

How much do they cost

An Essentials Food Box from WF3 Kindness is free.

How can I request one

You can request a food hamper by clicking the button below and completing the form and we will be in touch.