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We have produced and delivered over 200 Kindness Packages to people living in Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe. These little surprises bring a moment of surprise and joy when they are delivered something unexpected and provided by WF3 Kindness.

What is a Kindness Package

A Kindness Package from WF3 Kindness is a hamper of treats such as fresh fruit and flower baskets, chocolates and sweets, tea and coffee with biscuits as well as personally designed & selected hampers. Our Kindness Packages are presented in either wicker baskets, hampers or wrapped in cellophane with some colourful bows! They are hand delivered by our volunteers which is a nice surprise.

Who can have one

Anyone can nominate somebody living in Tingley, Ardsley or Thorpe for a Kindness Package. Maybe it's for someone feeling lonely or someone that has had a lot to deal with. We also award these to people in our area that are going above and beyond to support others within our community as a 'thank you' from us all.

How much do they cost

A Kindness Package from WF3 Kindness is free to receive, however they are not free to provide. We ask that those that would like to nominate a friend, family member or a neighbour make a donation to cover the costs.

Do all nominations receive one

Not all nominations can be guaranteed. 

How can I request one

You can nominate someone to receive a Kindness Package by clicking the button below and completing the form and we will be in touch. Not all requests can be guaranteed.

WF3 Kindness

WF3 Kindness is a working name of Morley & District Lions Club (CIO) A charity registered in England and Wales (Reg No. 1182551) and registered with HMRC for Gift Aid (Ref. ZD03494)

You can search for 'WF3 Kindness' on the charity commission website

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