15th March 2020

A Facebook community group has been set up for people in Tingley and Ardsley offering help and support for the elderly and vulnerable in the area as the impact of COVID 19 sweeps the globe. 

‘Tingley & Ardsley - VIRAL KINDNESS’ comes at a time when people who are in the higher risk groups will be told to stay at home for months. 

Local resident and organiser, Daniel Frank said "As the Coronavirus sweeps the globe, I just felt watching the news that I needed to do something and I doubt I’m the only one thinking it. I’m not a doctor or a clever scientist, I’m not a nurse or a food manufacturer, I’m not an infection control specialist or a toilet paper retailer but I am a community person as are many others in the area and if we all pull together we can make sure that the most vulnerable in our community are supported and looked after as best we can. We should face what’s to come with kindness and offer help and support to those who sadly, without help from a stranger may suffer more than many. 
I’m talking about shopping, picking up a loaf of bread or bottle of milk for the person who lives at number 10 who doesn’t have any family and her home help only go once a week and that day they didn’t have what she wanted. 

"I’m not talking about going into peoples homes and carrying out a DIY SOS, this is something that everyone can most likely help with at the same time as carrying out their own chores and shopping trips."

Anyone who is either living in Tingley and Ardsley or who has vulnerable or elderly friends and relatives is welcome to join the group.

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