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I updated the website with the official contact number and any offers of help to the official Leeds City Council volunteer program.

Why have we decided to do this? A few reasons – this group was set up following me and my wife watching the news on a Sunday evening and seeing the devastating impact that COVID-19 was having in Italy, we both said, as I guess many did, ‘we need to do something’. In honesty we didn’t think too much about the challenges, the work involved, the demand that this would have on us and most importantly the whole logistics.

The sad but genuine reality that we put the most vulnerable from within our community at more risk by allowing volunteers who we know nothing about in contact with them giving them access to their personal details, their care needs and ultimately their homes. AT the same time we could be putting volunteers at risk by placing them with someone again that we know nothing about.

At the end of the day, we are a community group set up on social media, we don’t have the tools to carry out the relevant checks on anyone wishing to volunteer, or anyone asking for help, we have no idea what needs they may have and how we manage them. It needs to be a coordinated response to guarantee that both volunteers and those asking for help are kept safe and are supported.

I really don’t want to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm, the response we’ve had has been exceptional and all we are asking is that if you’re happy to volunteer then register. The team will then manage the requests and will match volunteers with those in need. If you already provided your details on one of the leaflets as you were posting then just register as a volunteer and let them know – you remain in control and can decide which requests you want to help with.

The mobile number that I set up will have a recorded message advising people to call the number set up by Leeds City Council so those that don’t have access to the internet or may not be aware will know who they can call if they don’t have support from family, friends or neighbours that they are familiar with.

It's not often that you look at your phone, tablet or computer and smile at the minute but when Billy Pearce sent me a video passing on his best and a few jokes along the way it certainly made me chuckle.

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