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Back to Work

Back to Work for me after the last week recovering. Sarah (my wife) is working from home too at the moment. I'm no stranger to working from home but working from home at the same time as the wife brings about many new challenges indeed... added to the fact that our 3 year old son isn't at school and is unable to be cared for by Grandparents means it's difficult to say the least to remain focussed.

The final streets were targeted by our volunteers and the remaining leaflets delivered. Makes me proud to say that In under 3 days we have managed to deliver 2500 leaflets.

I had a call with Ben Garner (Councillor, Leeds Ardsley & Robin Hood ward) and he advised me what action the local authority was taking, we agreed to work together to support people in a safe and managed way. At 8:30pm The Government announcement came stating that people should not leave their homes unless they really had to.

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