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Back to Work.... I mean upstairs in the 'office'

The start of a new week usually brings 'a fresh start' to us all. It's a strange time... it reminds me a bit like Christmas or Easter holidays when all the days just merge and we all need to think hard on what day it actually is.

Today was a tough one in our house, we are both still busy with work so Sarah working at the kitchen table and I'm tucked away upstairs in my office. Oliver is still racing round, toys out in every room and shouting at Alexa to play anything he can think of... today we've had Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday blasting out. It's then a mad panic before a planned conference call and we are walking round turning all the Alexa's off. Sarah is suffering more because she is working downstairs... right next to Olivers play room! We are trying to divide our time but it is difficult.

We went for a walk - it struck us how quiet the roads and streets are, I think we counted 6 cars/vans on the road and only passed 3 people.

I deleted the Houseparty app today after the news broke about the security concerns - I feel bad for mentioning that yesterday!

One thing that is good for us is Oliver seems to have given up his afternoon naps so he's going to bed earlier which is good for us.

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