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Daddy Day Care Lockdown Week 2

So, the second Tuesday of Lockdown means it's the second week that I have to entertain Oliver and not work.

We made Salt Dough today, loads of it. We made a model of our hands and the plan is to paint them and give to family. Oliver wants to give one each to both his Grandparents.

My Mum went to the chemist today to collect prescriptions for the family and also one for someone who got in touch, Mum was impressed with the system they had at Rowlands Pharmacy at Leigh View - they took the names and details and rather than have people waiting they arranged delivery the following day. Well done Rowlands - this is great for people.

We also got our delivery from RH Binks Butchers which was great service, I ordered on Monday and the stuff was delivered today. We had the burgers for tea and Oliver had some sausages - all from our delivery. Thanks to the guys there for looking after us and everyone in the community!

Again an early night for Oliver... 6:10 which is a record for him. We're dreading him waking at midnight but there was no way we were going to let him have a nap and wake up at 9pm!!!

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