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Daddy Day Care Lockdown Week 3

Week three of Daddy Day Care Lockdown style....

A lazy morning for me and Oliver, Sarah was up and working from early doors but me and Oliver had some down time just watching TV. The programme of Oliver’s choice was Me Bean today. We the. Had to change the bedding as I’d allowed Oliver to eat croissants and a bun on our bed: in fear of a telling off from Sarah, me and Oliver agreed we’d best change the bedding before she realised!

We spent the afternoon in the garden playing in the sand pit and washing his cars. We’ve been lucky with the weather overall during this whole lockdown and I hope that continues.

Once Sarah finished work we went for a walk, well I say walk, Oliver on his electric motorbike and we walked!!! We took some shopping to Sarah’s Mum and Dad - Oliver continues to struggle with understanding what’s going on, he can’t accept that he’s not able to go into Grandmas and watch his programmes and share his sweets with Grandad. A nice walk back, me and Sarah spent the majority of the walk back guiding Oliver as he was falling asleep... we got a little nervous as a police van drove past and slowed down, I suspect that being in charge of a powered vehicle whilst asleep isn’t the best and didn’t want oliver collecting his first points on a license... at three years old! Thankfully we got him home before he crashed causing injury to himself or others (with exception of me) who had to endure smashed ankles several times as I stood between him and the dual carriageway!!

I had some bad news today- a friend passed away after a long battle with Cancer. I have many fond memories of Peter as a child and teenager, he made me laugh and told me stories that I still talk about today. Even though I knew he was ill and in a bad way it still came as a shock. Another reminder that this thing we call life isn’t a dress rehearsal! Before we know it lives can change, that’s why we need to live our best life while we can and right now, although Peters death was unrelated to Coronavirus made me feel proud of how we are supporting people and helping each other... while we can. Life is too short to be anything other than kind.

RIP Peter Palfreyman. X

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