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It's been an 'emosh' one today!

This morning the Admin team decided to restrict posts on the group regarding queues and waiting times at the chemist. People are more than aware of the queues and the time it's taking for everyone, we don’t need post after post all saying the same thing. It’s also sad to hear that members of staff are being abused on line by total strangers because of something that they can’t control. It goes without saying that we are all worried and our stress levels are heightened but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be rude or abusive to anyone, never mind to those that are working on the front line and helping people as best they can. I won’t lie, a bit disappointed that we even had to take this action on a group designed to  instil kindness.  

Whilst the chemist was on my mind I decided that this afternoon I was going to collect prescriptions for those in my family who are self isolating; my parents, my father in law and my Grandad. Whilst in the queue someone joined that was very upset due to suffering a family bereavement this morning, it was difficult for me as this person just needed some support and we are all stood 2 metres apart just listening. I offered to collect her prescription so that she could go back home. Later I saw that another member, one of our NHS hero’s was working until 6pm and unable to collect her prescription, I picked that up too. Stood in the queue listening to my music with the sun beating down on my back just made me think of how this is affecting everyone, every single person is impacted in one way or another and I know I've said it before but the realisation certainly kicked in this afternoon - we must support each other. 

Once I had the 14 (yes, FOURTEEN) bags of various drugs, I filled up my holdall and took the walk home. I was nervous as I probably had just about every type of drug in some form in my not so discreet, bright orange bag!

I got home, logged back on to my proper job and did some more. It's turning into a bit of an afternoon ritual that when we tidy the garden of all the days toys and sweep up the play sand that me and Oliver have a water -fight! Its not the usual type of activity for an afternoon in March but it makes him laugh and gives us some release from the crazy reality of the world. I think it's really important to spend more time with your kids, playing, being stupid - even more so now - Oliver is 3 but he knows something isn't right, no school, no grandparents, no cousins, no friends and there's no buns in Tesco! By being that little more playful and daft makes him smile and if that means having a mad 5 minutes with a hosepipe after tidying away the toys then so be it!

At 8 o’clock we joined in with the Big Applause and clapped the NHS, it’s a small way that we can show our neighbours who may work for the NHS that we’re behind them. I'm not ashamed to say that it made my eyes leak a little - again. It's just another realisation that everyone is in this. To see people in my street all in their front gardens clapping, whistling and cheering was just fantastic - we even had a few fireworks. I just hope that those coming home from their jobs emotionally drained heard that and felt just a little bit of the love and appreciation that was in the air tonight.

I then went to the pub (virtual) where me and a few friends joined, shared a beer (no Pringles tonight) and managed to have a laugh and raised a smile. This is a time where we will all miss our friends, our family and the life that we've become accustomed to. I know I'm guilty of declining that invite to the pub with friends or going out for a walk as a group of friends but it's times like these you wish you could. Again, another realisation that we all take so much for granted - when your little one just wants to go to the park or your wife wants to drag you round the White Rose on a Sunday afternoon and you moan and try and avoid it, it's funny that now we're unable to do that (understandably) it seems that's the life we want again. One of the posts on the page today was from Carol in West Ardsley:

Great Idea for adults or kids...Every time you say you wish you could do something, or go somewhere, even if it’s something really simple, put it on a post it note and put in a jar. And let this be your bucket list for when things get back to normal. You will appreciate them much more and have some things to look forward to x

I think that this is a really fab idea, and as you say Carol, we will appreciate the silly things that little bit more when these tough times are over.

Going to bed in a better mindset than I was in a couple of hours ago, I really do think that the pub sessions are a great way to stay in touch with friends and just chat. We use Zoom but there are plenty of others out there that do similar. It's just nice to take time out and sit somewhere with those your missing and chat and have a drink - my drink of choice was a bottle of beer but even if it's a pot of tea in the morning whilst the kids are destroying your house and you just want to chat to your mate or your Mum - use this - it does help.... or it did me anyway!

Early-ish night for me is this - peace out!

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