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Saturday Sillyness

Well I got my lie in! Well, I say lie-in it was a bed shared with Oliver watching Madagascar! But we didn't get up until after 9 so all is good!

The weather wasn't as good today so the garden fun that's consumed our time over the last few days was replaced with a day making Tik Toks, and joining in the Houseparty craze - Sarah is doing it right now with some of her friends... I'm sat here tapping away listening to her shout 'Seaside, shore, shells' - who knows what she's doing but it sounds stressful!

This morning I spoke to a few people who called during the week - I just wanted to check up on them and make sure they were ok, they were! One man said he's logging on every day and checking the site and this blog- so I best keep it going a bit longer! :-)

We had a day of FaceTime and video calling - Oliver is really missing his family, he obviously doesn't understand (neither do we to be fair!). He had a face time call with both of his Grandparents and some of his cousins. He also had to put on a show to each caller that lasted over 30 minutes. Oliver is a massive Billy Pearce fan and has been since he went to Panto last year, during his show he danced around, shouts and must be addressed as Billy Pearce, the funny man. Oliver is also missing buns... buns from Tesco in Tingley - they are obviously in high demand because we just can't get them!

I've also been working on adding more content to the site - as well as the help sections I'm going to introduce a few other bits such as 'Health & Life' - this will include experts on hot topics and subjects that people want to know about (home schooling, work life, mental & physical health and family life). It's still in the planning but if you visit the site you'll see some bits have already been done. I'd like to thank my friends who are amazing! I just message people and say 'can you do me a page on ......' and they agree. Thank you - without them doing things for me we wouldn't have the stuff up there! There will be more to come on the Health & Life section over the coming days so do keep checking back and if you want to ask our expert something or you have something you think people would like to know about then feel free to contact me!

I think we need to go shopping tomorrow, we have been holding off as long as we can but the fridge is emptying quickly. I have been trying to order online but with no delivery options available or click & collect sessions I just think that we need to go and get it done with. On shopping, I was contacted by someone who said that they were disappointed that Asda Morley didn't seem to be enforcing the distancing rules - she told me that although people outside queueing were well disciplined in their social distancing once inside it wasn't well carried out. We were told that Asda were only letting 15 people in at a time - that was clearly not the case yesterday, how ever many it was there were still bunches of people gathering round the popular items which is the issue. It's all very strange at the minute and I don't actually think anyone knows exactly what they should be doing and how. Hopefully some of the panic buying that we are seeing will settle down soon and shops will return to normal.

Don't forget the clocks spring forward tonight... a positive is that we lose one hour of this current situation I guess!

Enjoy your sleep, go to bed that bit earlier to try and counteract the hour we will lose during the night!

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