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Sunday Houseparty!

We thought we'd had another 'lie in' today but soon remembered that the clocks springing forward was the reason for the late wake up!

Sarah went to Asda to pick up some shopping for her Mum and Dad and said she'd pick a few bits up for us.... over £100 later and the fridge is healthier and a few meals planned.

I made Sunday dinner - braising steak in the slow cooker with dumplings AND home made Yorkshire Puddings! I was very impressed with my Yorkshire Puddings - brought back memories of making them nearly every day with my Grandma Frank.

I was really grateful to hear from Clare at Atlantic Solutions who are providing disposable gloves for Key Workers, they deliver (whilst respecting social distancing) for FREE! Clare brought some to me for me to use when volunteering to help someone. Thanks Clare and Atlantic!

It was also great to see that the Yorkshire Evening Post have a run a story on the group, the Billy Pearce video seemed to have got the attention of people. Hopefully spreading our group across the area!

We have started using the Houseparty app to keep in contact with friends and family, I was playing a game whilst on with some friends - it's similar to charades but rather than acting you draw it on screen - I'm rubbish at drawing so lost that one in dramatic style! Again - another way we can keep in touch with people and have that interactive style. Sarah and I love it, we've probably been on that app for around 3 hours today!!!

Oliver still asking why he can't see his family, one day mate, one day!


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