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Wednesday Wonders

Today, was a day on wondering.

Both Sarah and I struggled to be motivated for both work and family stuff. I think to be honest we are putting ourselves under too much pressure - we are still getting up, getting ready, putting make up on and doing hair (well Sarah is!). We then get Oliver dressed before he goes downstairs. Maybe, just maybe we are trying too much.

On top of all this we are trying our best to continue to work and do our best for our employers!

Oliver is enjoying the videos from his school - he got a special mention today from his teacher about Goldie the fish. Goldie is a teddy, this teddy is his favourite thing at school, he's had it since his first day and often the only thing that kept him in Nursery! His teacher let him know that Goldie is well and been looked after at school, it was good for him to know that Goldie is well.

A nice end to the day, had a call with members of the Leeds Rhinos supporters board. It wasn't an official meeting but more a social gathering for us all to have a beer and just a chat about other things than Coronavirus!

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