PURE (Parents Understanding Real Experiences)

Pure are a group of mums who have all had our own experiences of a journey on Neonatal, they have been on the units at Leeds for just over a year. They are there to support the parents, whatever they need. 


The support they offer is through groups and 1-1. The sessions that they run are Beads of Courage which is absolutely amazing!


For each baby that gets admitted to the neonatal unit you can take part, Beads of Courage is a sting of beads, each bead has a different meaning be it pokes and needles, respiratory support and anything in between up to major surgery. Each string is so bespoke to your babies journey.


They also do a memories and milestone session which is lovely, it's where they talk about things that babies have each week, first bath, first breast or bottle feed or sometime babies might have had a little set back within the week, we are there to support to parents going through any situation.


They also offer 1-1 support for families just needing that bit of safe private conversation.


So now the tricky bit, due to COVID-19 PURE  are unable to be on the unit. As COVOD-19 brings a challenging and worrying time for everyone imagine having a baby in special care at this time. The team are now offering help via their Facebook page.The team offer support and a safe space to chat to someone who has been on the neonatal journey and is absolutely vital for parent mental health. 

Their Facebook page can be found here

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