If you're having a clear out and would like to help others, why not donate your old stuff to us!

If you have furniture, electrical items, white goods, clothing and household items you no longer need – you can give them away for free to members of the community.

Whilst we don’t have a charity shop or central donation point, and we do not offer a collection service, we do have a Facebook group that has over 1500 active members who use the group for many things, including giving away items no longer needed, the one rule that we do have is that the group isn’t a selling group – we only approve posts and listings that are offering items or services for free.

If its space you are wanting and trying to avoid a ‘tip-run’ then the group is certainly the place to go, items posted usually get snapped up quickly.

The following items are always well received to members of the community:
Childrens toys/games;
Furniture - wooden, metal and glass items;
Kitchenware - utensils, pots, pans, crockery;
Electrical items - washing machines, stereos, microwaves, fridges, freezers;
Beds with/without a mattress;
Sofas and chairs;
Bedroom furniture - Wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside cabinets;
Curtains, bedding and sleeping bags;
Duvets & pillows;
Dining tables and chairs.

The Facebook Group is: ‘Tingley, Ardsley & Thorpe VIRAL KINDNESS (WF3 KINDNESS)’

The link can be found our socials page (see below).

Remember, your junk could be someone else's treasure!

Donate Your Items